Cluj-Napoca / Romania

This western city in the region of Transylvania traces its origins back to the Dacian settlement of Napuca in the 2-nd century A.D. After the Roman take-over of Dacia, it was renamed Napoca and in 124 A.D., received the rank of „municipium”.

This is my second time that I visited Cluj and I can say that is very different from Bucharest. Cluj Is vibrant, cultural and full of young people because it’s also an educational city.


Things to see:

In the center of the city is the Union Square. Featuring baroque, gothic, renaissance and neoclassical buildings, this square allows a quick access to St. Michael’s Church and the Banffy Palace.

St. Michael’s Church– one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in Transylvania.

Banffy Palace – most representative example of baroque style in Transylvania, it was the residence of the Austro-Hungarian governors.

Visit Romania, there are many beautiful places in our country too!






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