Arena di Verona

A few things about the Arena from Verona :

The Arena from Verona is the biggest open-air lyrical theatre in the world, a supremacy that it still holds today. Was built by the Romans in the 1st century AD, in the Augustan period.

The amphitheatre was originally built outside Verona’s city walls. The Arena, as it stands today, is the result of the constant removal of materials, but also of the terrible earthquake that struck the city in the 12th century leaving indelible traces on the monument.

Every year over 500,000 people see productions of the popular operas like : NABUCCO, LA TRAVIATA, AIDA, ROMEO and JULIETTE, in this arena that is capable of housing 15,000 people per performance.

The opera productions in the Verona Arena had not used any microphones or loudspeakers until an electronic sound reinforcement system was installed in 2011.

In recent times, the arena has also hosted several concerts of international rock and pop bands like: Pink Floyd, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart, Sting, Muse.

Unfortunately when I visited Verona it wasn’t any shows, but I want to get back to Verona to see a performance that for sure will stand in my memories forever.







Photo credit: Barcan Cristian


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