Under the Tuscany sun – PISA –

I know I owe you an article about Tuscan and I begin my story with PISA because it was the first stop on my journey. From here you can go to Florence and Siena very easy by train or bus.

Pisa is famous for its Leaning Tower that has 300 steps and an inclination of 4 degrees. Once you arrived at the top of it you can have a great view of the Field of Miracles and the city of Pisa.

To see :

The Field of Miracles ( Piazza dei Miracoli ), it’s a UNESCO Heritage site and contains the city’s most famous sights:

–          Leaning Tower – the construction began in 1173 and the tower started leaning soon because of the ground underneath its base. Today the tower is tilted by 4 meters;

–          Duomo di Pisa – this splendid cathedral contains artwork by Giambologna;

–          Baptistry – a round Romanesque dome;

–          Piazza dei Cavalieri – with many historical buildings.

By night you can have a pleasant walk by the river Arno and enjoy the mirage of the city.

I haven’t discovered yet all the beauties of this place so I can not wait to return.



Photo by : Cristian Barcan


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